About us

Our Philosophy: In order to grow, we believe in providing exceptional services to our customers by listening to them and responding immediately to their needs and requirements

Who we are?


he business was initially built around innovation. The idea struck the co-founder while he was developing an application with a group of students to automate the estimating process for his own business. As part of a wider project, an essential business tool to manage both estimations and accounting purposes was then created. Using his entrepreneurial sense, he realized that other companies, like his own, would also benefit from the software. This led to the birth of DollySoft.

As desktop PCs became widespread, so was the company. Today, businesses of all sizes rely on DollySoft to help them manage their key business processes. We focus heavily on usability and industry leading innovation and, we are continually nurturing the entrepreneurial spirit of our people and business associates. We have a locally-focused strategy to ensure local ownership and empowered decision making relevant to our customers in each marketplace in which we operate.

The DollySoft Group is a remarkable local and global success story. It was founded in the year 2000 and has grown to become a leading provider of business management software and services. DollySoft’s source of competitiveness is gained through its fresh thinking, dynamic strategy, friendly staff and above all, its professionalism and attentiveness.

Vision and Mission


ur vision is to become the world’s leading provider for business management software, services and support.
While we are locally-focused in serving our customers, we work together as one organization towards one future. Our strategy sets out a clear vision supported by a set of goals towards all our operating companies around the world.
We also believe in the philosophy of providing an exceptional service to customers in order to grow.


  • To continue to establish products and services that offer the most compelling fit with a customer’s country and industry.
  • To have the most satisfied and active customers in our industry.
  • To have the most trusted brands in our markets.
  • To foster a dynamic, vigorous and innovative business measured by our strong organic growth rate.
  • To be the most admired employer in our markets.

“We work with our clients as one organization towards one future.”

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